2012 Community Initative



What is the “Building Community Roots” Initiative?

An effort to support philanthropic efforts nationwide by further partnering with our clients to make a difference in their local communities, by matching and sending a select gift for charitable use. Collectively in 2012, River Rock and participating parties will reach out to more than 40 charities and provide over 55,000 gifts. The effort and success was led by our customers front-line personnel’s passion and creativity to promote the spirit of giving both internally and externally.

How was the initiative created and received by financial institutions?

Back in 2011, we learned through our extensive annual ConsumerNSight research of the consumer and the financial services industry, that 45% of consumers have a negative perception about financial institutions. Unfortunately, community-based financial institutions have been lumped into this unfavorable stigma around “Big Banks”. Knowing this perception, and coupling it with River Rock’s mission and culture of giving back to the community, we took the concept of “Building Community Roots” to consumers. We were astounded to learn that 75% of consumers said that it would make a difference in choosing their banking relationship if they knew the financial institution gave back to the community.

Who benefits from “Building Community Roots”?

Recipients – feel appreciated and recognized; brings awareness to cause

Consumers – thanked for their business; feels a part of effort

Financial Institutions

o Strengthens philanthropy initiatives
o Enhances brand building through public relations
o Value-added component to current gift strategy
o Goodwill effort alters any adverse perceptions
o Actively engages frontline personnel in cause-related marketing
o Makes immediate social impact

River Rock – supports our mission; demonstrates our culture

Who can be the recipient?

o Local Schools
o Community Centers
o Homeless Shelters
o Women’s Shelters
o Non-profit Organizations

How can I market the program in my community?

o Press Releases
o Weblinks
o Charity Recognition Plaque
o T-shirts
o Banners
o Hang Tags

How can I participate?

Contact River Rock Marketing Services for details on how together we can make a difference.